What a ride that was. I arrived at Yale with all my naiveté,  my hopes and dreams. That was six weeks ago, and tonight is graduation. Real life will kick in soon, and I am not ready at all!

Truth is, I am exhausted. These past two years were a continuous rollercoaster: I did several training courses (TKT, CELTA, CertIBET, Yale…), I moved a lot (France, England, France again, England again, Connecticut..), I taught 20h/week (not bad for a newbie, right?).

The fog lifted, I know what I want to do next, and I can thank Yale English Language Institute for that.

So, I am going to do something really unusual for me: I am going to switch off my laptop and my phone!

I am going to enjoy my moment, to have fun, to frame my Yale diploma, and to come back in September 🙂

Happy Holidays everybody!