As I type right now, in a coffeehouse on Wimbourne Road, Bournemouth, UK, I can’t quite believe it myself. Yesterday was the most intense, emotional and strange day I have ever lived so far: yesterday was the end of Delta Module 2. We survived, guys! We did it!

To begin with, let’s be honest about one key point: our tutors were simply the best. I mean, did you ever have a Delta tutor who picks you up at home because you overslept and you’re late? We did. Did you ever have a Delta tutor who brings you watermelon and pastries every day because you need comfort food and vitamins? We did. Nothing would have been the same if they were just a tiny bit different. I don’t say that often, but they are amazing human beings.

That’s the strength of good teachers/trainers: they inspire you, they motivate you. They set the bar high, and all you wanna do is to become just half as good. I will never recommend ITTC enough to wannabe and experienced teachers.

In general, I know I am going to miss Bournemouth. I loved my life here, my Delta cohort, my tutors (obv.), the coffeehouse I had my breakfast every morning for six straight weeks (the one where I am right now, typing). I have lived in numerous places, and back in 2017 already, Bournemouth was an amazing experience. I cried when I went back home.This year, it almost felt like home, and even though I might not cry, it won’t be less painful.

I would love to say that I’ll be back. I can only wish. Brexit being what it is, and me having a family (a husband and two cats, that’s still a family nonetheless), it’s quite hard to say that I’ll move here for real. Maybe I’ll go back to teach a few weeks at BEET? That would be pretty nice enough(fingers crossed). I feel incredibly lucky already that I had such an experience, and that my Delta course went that smoothly. I know that, for some people, it’s purely Hell on Earth; for us, yeah, it was not a walk in the park, but nobody had a meltdown, everybody passed an internal LSA (or two, or three) WITHOUT resubmission (I passed 2, and I went to see my CELTA tutor afterwards just to say: “do you remember when I had to resubmit every damn CELTA assignment??”).

And yeah, I am going on holidays, now. 🙂 Happy holidays everyone!