Okay, I am pissed off.

Like, really, truly, crazy mad. And the reason is so lame, of course, you are going to laugh but anyway, here it is: my brother in law’s birthday bash is tonight, there is a common gift and I don’t want to participate.

Let me get this straight: it’s not because of my brother in law. No, I am mad against the common gift whole concept. If I wanna do a gift to someone, I don’t want to share my idea with someone else. I can share with my husband, the reason is obvious, but that’s all. I don’t want to feel that I have to participate. 

Because of course, when someone asks you to participate in a common gift, that someone expects a bright and loud “yes”! Not from me. I always say “no”. I am not cheapskate, I’d rather do my own stuff. The last time I have been asked to participate on a common gift, the baby’s grand mother was my CEO, and that three weeks old baby was already richer than I was. I signed the card, and that was all. I’d rather buy something to someone I truly care about than giving five bucks to someone who doesn’t remember my name.

I am not going to give something for my brother in law’s common gift. I already bought his gift a month ago: it’s a book that I already read and I loved, and I thought he would like it. I am not going to give him twenty bucks so he could buy a new camera. My husband may won’t have a job next month, I am a student, a dime is a dime. We all have troubles in life, and saying “no” to a common gift shouldn’t be one.