I have been thinking a lot lately.

Well, I admit that my thoughts were mostly about love.

I got married recently, two months ago to be precise. I met my husband four years ago, and I didn’t want to date him, I wasn’t convinced for a long time to be fair. I never imagined myself with someone like that, and it was weird at first to realize that I had been wrong for a long time. I still wonder why I doubted for so long.

Today, a couple of friends broke up. I have known them since three or four years, maybe more, and they were together since two years and half. One of them cheated, the other found out, they yelled, they call it quits, classic scenario. Cheap one. You have heard of it a million times. Why do we keep doing the same mistakes all over again?

Is this some kind of twisted joke?

Why aren’t we capable of pure, meaningful, strong love, like we used to dream about when we were kids? What is love now anyway?

How do you know when the person next to you is the right one? How do you know that you are in love? Why don’t we stop to hurt the people we care most about ?

My friend, the one who cheated, she was devastated and she hated herself for what she had done. Nothing will change fate, or what happened, but still, she had hope she could be forgiven. But forgiveness doesn’t mean amnesia and she couldn’t forget why she cheated which was boredom.

What is suppose to happen once the first sparkles are out? How are you suppose to handle life if the routine speaks for yourself? You get married, so you have something to talk about – that could be a sarcastic answer.

More importantly, why does love suddenly become so hard to understand?