I have been waiting for this since a long time, well, since I discovered what the CELTA was. I got in March into ITTC, in Bournemouth, England and finally began on Monday the 3rd of July. Here’s a little anthology of some thoughts which crossed my mind on that very first week of CELTA:

-Gosh, that’s going to be intense!

-OMG, I don’t understand one of my colleagues’ accent!

-I need to study my grammar. Really. (5 minutes later, after my NS colleague did the exact same mistake as I did) Okay, we all need to study our grammar.

-Don’t talk too fast!The students are here to learn, not to witness your personal impersonation of Lorelai Gilmore after three coffees.

-Are they going to think that I am not a good teacher because I am French, so sometimes I have to check details? (hint: they don’t freaking care!)

-Is it normal to freak out every single day?

-I may need to do again my Proficiency, or the IELTS, if I want to work abroad, to prove my level.

-One week is already gone, 3 more to go!