Before starting to write about my new adventure in London, I just wanted to say that I have been quite out lately because 1) I was moving out 2)I had a sinus infection and 3)I don’t have Internet in my new apartment. But I don’t have excuses anymore, so let me tell you about what’s happening now.

I enrolled to do a CertIBET in London (International House), in case you don’t know what that is, it is fairly simple: it stands for Certification in International Business English Training, basically, I will learn how to teach Business, Financial and maybe even Legal English.

After finishing my CELTA this summer, I decided that I couldn’t stop there; I wanted to know more! I checked around for some specialized certifications, in England of course, because France doesn’t offer a wide range of specialized certifications (if my memory is correct, there is only one school actually, a very good one – I took my TKT with them). I was kinda lost at first, between the acronyms (CLIL, TYLEC, CertIBET for ex) and the official and unofficial certifications, thus I didn’t know which was one was best for me and my situation. Because it’s not actually free (not at all, actually, it’s damn expensive), I really wanted an official certification, something else than just a piece of paper that some random person could have as well. Then, I had two choices: Cambridge’ s certifications  or Trinity College ‘s certifications.

Since I worked six years in real estate, and I went to business school, it was logical for me to apply for a CertIBET, at least, I know what I am talking about (most of the time). Even if I really enjoyed working with kids, doing a TYLEC (a Trinity College certification for teaching Young Learners) doesn’t seem quite right, as I am currently teaching adults: I wanted to do something I could use now. I wondered about CLIL as well (Content and Language Integrated Learning) but I wasn’t sure I could use it right away.

So, here I am now, about to start my CertIBET, which was also a nice excuse to spend a couple of weeks in London, and I hope I will have enough time to write about the experience here. I also hope that I will be able to keep up and to produce a decent paper at the end, but that’s another story!