Here’s a little list of topics that every freaking human on earth should avoid while talking to me:

-My obsession for my studies: I decided this year to go back to college to pursue my dream, which is being a college teacher in English. So I enrolled at Cambridge University and I am revising pretty much every day. It’s my choice.

-The fact that I don’t like cooking: Having a vagina doesn’t mean that we all love cutting onions and frying chicken. I don’t like cooking. It’s basically one of the first thing I said to my husband on our first date.

-And the fact that I don’t clean also: that’s why there is companies specialized in cleaning. I’d rather give extra classes than clean. That is still my problem.

-And the fact I stand up by myself, which means I won’t change my opinion because you have another one. I am maybe stubborn, but guess what, it’s none of your business. I am maybe a bad character, but at least, I have character.

Here’s also a few sentences that I heard only this week about my so called bad manners:

“You are impossible to manage: you always speak what you think.”  Sorry, I am not a sheep.

“You don’t think about your husband, he must be threatened by you.” He seems pretty fine to me.

“You are being selfish by going back to college, you should work and support your family.” For the record, my family (my husband and both of my cats) are ok with my decision.

To conclude, I just wanted to add that whoever you think you are, or whoever you actually are, you are no one to judge someone on these elements.