I am no historian.

I am no politician either.

I mean, I am just (trying to be) an English teacher. I am no expert, I just read foreign news, I don’t really watch TV, expect for CNN less than ten minutes a day, I spend a lot of time on Twitter. I am still a student.

You get it, I am no one to talk.

But still, I have something to say.

I am born and raised in France, whatever my accent may say. My grand parents fought, in the dark, to free their country, despite everything, hidden in bushes during the Second World War. I can’t stop thinking about them right now, how much they suffered, how many times they told me that no one was suppose to live what they had to live. How much they wanted us to live in a free country.

And yet, the 2002 election happened. An extreme right wing was in the second turn, and million people were on the streets, screaming their anger. I was just a kid then, but I saw terror on my mother’s eyes.

Yesterday, the same extreme right wing was in the second turn, and this time, I was the one crying: but I was the only one. Around me, people couldn’t seem to care less.

France’s revolution changed the face of the world in 1789. And now, what? The USA elected a puppet for president so we have to get our own dictatorship to feel good again?

French people isn’t stupid(at least, I want to believe it), the American people wasn’t either, as the British, when they decided to leave the EU. They are tired, are feeling neglected, rejected and they need someone to blame. Who am I to say they shouldn’t feel that way? I am a French person, and I do feel like that.

But blaming immigration and minorities had never been the answer, and will never be.

It may have another name, the face can change, but the ideas are still the same and I don’t know, yet, if I would be able to live in a country which elected, fully knowing the consequences, an extreme right wing party.

If France decides for her in two weeks, I don’t know how I will explain this to my hypothetical child. I don’t have one just yet, but I already know that I will be ashamed.

I shouldn’t be afraid just now, but I am.