I am in that strange state, between two eras of my life, on the wrong side of my twenties and of course, I thought about it. And about some mistakes I could have avoided if I had received the rightful advices.

-You don’t choose where to live, or what to do, or what to eat, or anything because some friends of yours, or relatives, are telling you to: my parents told me to do a business school and to keep quiet. I became an executive assistant, got bored to death and finally enrolled to some English classes in order to become a teacher. Which was I wanted to do in the first place. 

-It’s okay to be lost. That doesn’t mean you have malaria or something. That just means you don’t know yourself enough just yet: back in high school, all my friends had big plans for themselves and I had not, and I felt like crap. I checked recently on Facebook what they were up to: no big plans at all.

-Life is not a race. If you are hitting 30 without a mortgage, a baby on the way, a husband/a wife, a bright new car, you are not gonna die : I wanted so much to be like others that I forgot what it was to be myself.

-Don’t change yourself in order to please. You can’t please anybody, that’s the trick: I decided to stay on a shitty job because my parents were proud of me. There’s only one result in that action: I could have done way much better in three years than that.

-You are not your mother. Or your father. You are an individual being with your own will and motives: I didn’t apply to an Erasmus program when I could because my mother was afraid something could happen. That’s her problem, not mine. But back in the day, I was too scared to hurt her and I didn’t go. And that’s my loss, not hers.

-People’s opinion is bullshit. One day, I received a text from a colleague saying that I could at least pretend that I was motivated, while I was on my two weeks notice. I was leaving the fucking job and someone told me to care about it. People will always have an opinion, like they all have an asshole, and they feel obligated to share this with others. That doesn’t matter.

Which actually matters is what you think is right for you. Don’t waste your time. I feel like I have waste enough on my own, and I am only 28 years old. I also feel like an old lady, because of that kind of article which basically says “I know better than you do and I am wiser than you”. I am not wiser. I am not an old lady either and I don’t know better. I am just trying to get my shit together.